Molėtai, Lithuania, April 21, 2024-The city of Molėtai hosted the second meeting of the project "30 Years of Maastricht: Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Europe" from April 18 to 21, 2024. Organized by the Molėtai District Municipality Administration, this event brought together delegates from eight European countries to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty, reflect on its impact, and discuss the future of the European Union.

The event saw participation from 70 individuals, including government officials, educators, youth leaders, entrepreneurs, and members of civic organizations. Representatives from Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Italy, and France attended the conference.

Objectives of the Event

The primary goal of the event was to celebrate the achievements of the Maastricht Treaty and analyze its challenges and opportunities over the past three decades. Specific objectives included:

•Promoting awareness and understanding of the Maastricht Treaty.
•Facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants.
•Strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between participating countries.
•Documenting participants' impressions and feedback to create an e-book.

Program of Activities

The event featured a variety of activities designed to foster active participation and cultural exchange, including:

Conferences and Seminars: Key sessions included a main conference by Paulius Saudargas on the Maastricht Treaty's impact on EU politics, economy, and society, and seminars on European integration achievements and challenges.
Workshops: Interactive workshops focused on youth mobility, educational and employment opportunities, and immigration policy challenges.
Cultural and Official Visits: Participants enjoyed visits to the Lithuanian Parliament, a tour of Vilnius' old town, and a visit to the Molėtai Museum of Ethnocosmology.

A highlight of the event was the twinning ceremony, where representatives signed an agreement to promote European citizenship and local cooperation.

Speakers included Molėtai Mayor Saulius Jauneika and Lithuanian Parliament Deputy Paulius Saudargas, who delivered opening remarks on European integration and the Maastricht Treaty's achievements.

Future Meetings

The project will continue with a third meeting scheduled to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, where discussions on European integration and collaboration will be further expanded.

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